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About Me

Hello! Please call me Shado. I am a self-taught student of animation, photography and character design. I even like to create stories!

I am a fan of watching almost all kinds of movies, series and cartoons. I also like to play some video games and read stories!

I am part of the LGBT+ community, being polyamorous/pansexual person who still in the process of identifying with one or more genders, so I have no problem with you addressing me with any pronoun.

Please keep in mind before following me that I support feminism 💜 and I am in favor of abortion 💚. I also very rarely get into politics.

Any inappropriate and aggressive message will not be tolerated and you will be blocked.

-Main Fandoms-

NinjagoMy hero academiaSupernaturalGenshin ImpactKarmalandThe Promised Neverland


The FoldMelanie MartinezBillie EilishCaravan PalaceUnlike PlutoTokio MachineAaron ChupaImagine DragonsJack StauberLindsey Starling


Please! Take a look at this little portfolio and enjoy some of my favorite pieces ✨💜



Anniversary Zine

In 2020 I had the opportunity to participate for the first time in a Fanzine of my favorite series. Hand in hand with several very talented artists, it was finally published on January 13, 2021.


Usually my commissions are always open ,but don’t forget to ask me directly on my social medias! Preferably on my principal instagram @mab.Shadow07 🖤✨

✨ Contact Me! ✨

Thanks for checking all this. Hopefully I’ll see you in my social medias! So don’t forget to follow me on all of them!

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